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Anonymous said: it may sound a bit weird but, would that be okay to see the artist face? I've been curious! btw I love your art!

I said:

ah, sure anon, although there’s probably plenty of selfie on my personal blog w (and my blog pic is also me I think)
Thank you!! your message warm me up !ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Here’s my shota face ( ;∀;) :


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So I kind of really wanted to do Kano as a ghoul~ I think the bikaku would look good on him, but sadly I did an horrible job (_ _|||)  Now thanks to this, we all know that i can’t draw kagune. Yep. ヽ( ̄ー ̄ )ノHis ghoul name would be the deceiver i guess

Some genderbend of Kiyoko and Yachi! sorry it’s just doodle ヽ(;´◇`ヽ)
This is how I feel about Zankyou no terror by the way i got a deeeeeep love for this anime! please everyone watch it <3
Anonymous said: If you're still doing the pallet meme, c-can this anon request a SetoKano with #5?

I said:

I’m sorry, it’s a bit fast made! I hope it’s okay~


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Hey bunch of fries! I’m back from Japan!! I didn’t draw anything in those two weeks, and it’s with some haikyuu x Snk stuff I return !! Well, ただいま !
kydiiezwithbyobu said: Your fanarts are awesome! Thanks for sharing all of them, I really love them♡

I said:

thank you so much!!! it mean a lot :3

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It’s been a while I didn’t gave you some torasaga But the picture of Saga molesting Tora were so cute i wanted to draw it w
This is a doodle made because of a chat with my fellow snk cosplayer friends w As I and Jean were playing bass and guitar, Mikasa et Eren said they would joind our band and Hanji then asked for a titan to play the triangle w